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Rize Up is made up of a team of Volunteer Ambassadors

YWOTR volunteers can choose a time from just 30 minutes to any hour daily, weekly, and monthly contingent upon their schedule and the organization’s need during those times.The frequency can be as often as selected. Volunteering your talents, skills and abilities can make a positive impact on young women and the community in which they reside. Volunteering for YWR empowers women,
and creates community involvement to make it a better place to live.


Do you have a love for telling compelling stories?

YWOTR is looking for people who can speak to various diverse populations within the community to tell their story. YWR has a goal of creating Rize UP STORYTELLERS to engage many young women residents in communities such as the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn,Manhattan and Westchester to believe that their voice can empower others. YWOTR Rize UP Volunteer Ambassadors tell their true life stories in a journal to document their journey. Also, our amazing journalist and co-author writer will encourage these young women to represent their story with pen and paper as stories of inspiration and tenacity will be told through their lenses. In addition, we will have the Volunteer Ambassadors share their stories while Rize specialists will be facilitating the Rize Up storytelling workshop in a very structured format. Young Women one the Rize encourages businesses, schools, colleges, churches and any other local small women-owned businesses to participate as well.


Are you a social media fanatic, united with friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Gmail+, and Pinterest?

Do we have volunteer opportunities for you? Support us and share your narrative messages that transform all over the universe through your social media channels.The Rize Up narrations are amazing, and with your helping hand we can share our journey with yours.


Thinking about changing the world, learning about new cultures; strengthening alliances with amazing individuals; AND save lives and transform communities?

Zone Teams will be fully funded through our fund-raising and sponsorship efforts.

Contact us: If you are interested in organizing a team and have new and innovative ideas as YWR and its members will continue to travel to make an amazing global change in this world . Consider joining a RIZE UP ADVENTURE Zone Team and –including your own ideas as you join us to fellowship along with radiant, remarkable and resilient young women.

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Can you envision yourself being a learner and a leader?

At Young Women on the Rize, we welcome young women to participate in a world phenomenon movement. This movement will educate and elevate all of our young women voyagers in allowing them to bring upon culture change throughout NYC and Westchester communities. YWR have designed and developed extraordinary cultivating workshops not only for today’s learners, but also to carry out the YWOTR legacy for empowering future leaders.

How will YWOTR impact Young Women?

YWOTR is a part of a greater purpose. Young women will not only receive professional services, but will have the benefit to also continue advocacy for other young women. Our course of instruction for these young women are based upon engaging young women regarding economic and wellness literacy in all capacities. As YWOTR continues to increase its partnerships with other corporations and organizations that are deemed relevant towards socio-culture access while practicing the dialogue within our organization and as it should benefit women in their community. Women are then empowered having the necessary resources demonstrated by our Rize specialists and invited mentors to become leaders. We will offer our expertise for our women voyagers ‘ skills from these master workshops which can impact a nation of not only young women ,but people all over theworld