Young Women on the Rize, Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization. Our organization prioritizes first young women understanding how Radiant, Remarkable and Resilient they are from ages 7 to 25. YWOTR offers programs to help strengthen young women to have the necessary skills to become avid leaders and future role models as they learn how to market their skills, how to handle their finances, and how to network with various people in various industries.

YWOTR organization was influenced by many women, in particular by rooted legacies of four generations of strong women who have illuminated and transformed her ideology. This one woman’s strides are fierce , her determination evitable, and her views are intentional when it comes to creating change for our young women of color.

Who leads YWOTR?  
Ellen , a native New Yorker with immigrant and southern roots, is a woman on the “rize.” Her journey started early on during primary school while babysitting her younger siblings and local neighborhood children. Her actions even back then would always display profound love for watching and helping people! First, she volunteered at a Bronx daycare center at the age of 14 with small children ages 1 to 4 years old. Then Ellen sought out a volunteer position with a local Bronx legal firm while acknowledging the disparities and witnessing the daily injustices in many underserved areas was an atrocity. Then while being interviewed and because of her knowledge and tenacity Ellen was soon hired working alongside intake officers while having a position as research analyst. Ellen with a multitude of life experiences has maintained services volunteering at Children’s Aid Society while overseeing the Sister’s in Touch mentoring. It, local neighborhood hospitals especially in the pediatrics wing and then later in the district of Hell’s Kitchen at a local soup kitchen since 2008. In addition, she befriended and mentored her own peers too! It was then that Ellen realized she had a profound admiration and dedication to provide time and effort volunteering and working in under-served communities. These experiences provided guidance in shaping Ellen’s life mission: to reach as many people as possible with a mindset of support and community; building, learning and sharing. In addition to a background in service and nonprofit work, Ellen holds a bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Special Education, working in various capacities of education for over a decade. As founder and Chief Executive Officer of Young Women on the Rize, Ellen has continually proven herself to be an outstanding mentor and support for young women.. In her own words: “ I am steady on the “Rize” with Young Women on the Rize.” Ellen exemplifies and embodies the three R’s of YWOTR being Radiant, Remarkable and Resilient building a network of community and care wherever she goes.

Legal Aid Services building Bronx,New York

Children’s Aid Society (Harlem), New York

Soup kitchen Hell’s Kitchen New York, New York

Local hospital( Harlem) New York, NY