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Young Women on the Rize, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 not-for- profit organization. Our priority is to enhance, enlighten, and enrich young women ages 16-30 years old.  We offer programs to help strengthen young women to have the necessary skills to become leaders and to become future role models such as how to market your skills, how to handle your finances, and how to network with various people in various industries.

Ms. Jones was influenced by many women such as her great-great grandmother, great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, and daughter who illuminated and transformed her ideology. In order to continue the legacy of these women, this organization was formed to take women onto a journey by providing empowering master workshops.


Ellen Jones, a native New Yorker, is a woman on the “rize.”  Her journey started at the tender age of 14 with a profound love for helping people.   First, she volunteered at the Bronx River Day Care Center with children.  Jones sought out a volunteer position with Bronx Legal Services.  Jones with a multitude of life experiences maintained a service of volunteering with Children’s Aid Society and St. Luke’s Hospital pediatrics wing.  In addition, she befriended and mentored her peers. It was then that Jones realized she had found her calling to service various communities. As a founder and Director of Operations of YWR, Jones is a leading pillar in her community. YWR’s leadership program develops young women from the Bronx and sets them on a mission to complete their endeavors.   In addition, Jones holds a Masters in Special Education and teaches various subjects in school.  Jones, in her own words, is steady on the” rize” with Young Women on the Rize. She is a phenomenal leader!

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