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Young women have goals and we want to hear from you!

For example, there are many goals to achieve such as personal goals, academic goals, and/or professional goals.

At YWR, we aim to help young women reach their one goal or their varied goals. YWR can be part of a diverse community and reach our goals. There are many issues young women can face. We want to advocate for issues that young women are facing to help guide them towards the right path and support their goals.

Young Women on the Rize can aim to create a more harmonious place for young women. Young Women on the Rize can reach out to our communities and motivate young women to reach their full potential. We want young women to know that their voices and goals are important. YWR are interested in lives of young women.

We will continue to maintain partnerships with other neighboring organizations that advocate growth and prosperity for our young women. The master workshops offered through YWR are free and accessible, which will consist of the following workshops and or trips involving:

Rize Arts & Culture

Rize Technology

Rize Sciences

Rize Health & Nutrition

Rize Challenge & Choice

Rize Media Department

Rize Business & Finance

Rize Entrepreneurship

Rize Ready & Set

All workshops being facilitated at the NYPL Van Nest library in the Bronx.

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